Diane Geiser, MSW, LCSW

Lake Zurich | Vernon Hills

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Diane Geiser, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience working with adults, adolescents, corporations, and executives. She uses her extensive clinical and technical experience, as well as her interpersonal and managerial skills, to motivate people to take action toward professional and personal growth and responsibility.

Diane loves to work with adolescents, struggling with Substance use, decision making, peer pressure, self esteem, communication with parents, depression, and anxiety. Adolescence is a difficult time, but with coaching, and guidance, these struggles can be managed.

Diane works with adults, struggling with depression, anxiety, divorce, major life area stressors including (work, marriage, family and health). A women’s group is available for women dealing with any of these experiences, and is co-lead by Diane and another therapist at Cherry Hill.

Diane provides wellness seminars on Conflict & Stress Management, Creative Problem Solving, Life Work Balance, and Parent-Child Behavior Contracts. Diane is a highly skilled clinician who can work with individual, families, adolescents and adults in identifying goals and change strategies that promote wellness.

As Preceptor at Great Lakes Naval Hospital for 18 years, she has provided interns/and certified counselors with advanced training, and skill development. In addition to working with individual clients, Diane provides training and development seminars and individual supervision, to help clinicians grow professionally.

Diane created Keystone Program to provide adolescents and their families with information about drug and alcohol abuse. Through a one-day program and follow-up she educates and works with families to develop strategies to deal with alcohol and drug use/abuse.

In 2019 Diane made a guest appearance on Heroine Voices in a podcast with Dr. Beth Dunlap discussing the science of substance use disorders, appropriate treatment strategies, and the dynamics of recovery. CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.