Couples Counseling in Chicago

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Couples Counseling in Chicago

Are you looking for couples counseling in Chicago to strengthen your relationship? While some couples seek therapy before problems arise, others wait until their relationship is in trouble and it’s a last resort. Whatever your reason for coming to therapy, rest assured that you can benefit from counseling almost immediately.

If you’re ready to learn to communicate and understand each other better while healthily resolving conflicts, our experts at Cherry Hill Counseling will be there to guide you.

Cherry Hill Couples Counseling in Chicago Can Help

You’re here because you love your partner and you’re determined to break any dysfunctional patterns that have found their way into your relationship — or prevent them before they arise. Rather than opposing each other and being at odds all of the time, you know that there’s a better way. The good news is, whether you’re dating or married, a professional therapist can help you strengthen your bond and create healthier habits as a couple and as individuals.

Our team at Cherry Hill is here to give you the support and guidance that you need along the way. If you’ve been struggling with something in your relationship for some time, an issue has recently surfaced, or you’re simply looking to prevent problems down the road, couples counseling has the solution.

As a form of talk therapy, couples counseling can work wonders in strengthening your relationship. It’s typically used by couples in an intimate relationship to help resolve conflicts and improve satisfaction between you and your partner. You’ll work with your therapist to uncover the stressors in the relationship, discuss the nature of the conflicts, and learn to put a stop to any unhealthy behavioral patterns. Along the way, you’ll reinforce the strengths that you each bring to the table and rediscover the love that you have for each other.

Through ongoing counseling, your therapist will guide you to express your feelings more positively, learn to empathize with your partner, and gain a better overall understanding of each other. Making a habit of interacting with each other positively is our goal for you — and the key to a lasting relationship that stands the test of time in the face of any problem.

Is In Person Couples Therapy Right For You?

Couples therapy is not a miracle fix for any relationship — it requires participation and commitment from both of you. What counseling will teach you are some incredible tools that you’ll carry with you for life.

The truth is that relationships can be challenging. Over time, it’s easy to forget what we value about our partners and why we fell in love with them in the first place. However, couples therapy can help you remember that as you learn to let go of the fixed perspectives that have been holding you back.

Couples come to us for reasons of every kind, including  infidelity, going through a specific life event or rough patch, or just wanting to strengthen their relationship — and everything in between. As long as you’re both willing to commit to the process, then there’s no issue that you can’t tackle through in person couples therapy.

Understandably, some people who are new to therapy may have reservations about taking the first step. The hardest part is often admitting that there are issues within the relationship–which is not always easy to face. Besides that, some couples worry about the cost of counseling.

So, is couples therapy covered by insurance? Depending on your health plan or benefits package, our services may be covered in part or full. Whatever your financial situation, you’ll find that strengthening your intimate relationship is key to your better overall well-being.

What to Expect from Couples Counseling

Cherry Hill is a safe space where you can openly talk with your partner about anything that’s on your mind. Not only will you be able to discuss what’s affecting your relationship, but you’ll also learn tools to better communicate with each other. Your therapist will never take sides. Instead, they’ll work with you to resolve any issues that have been a stressor in your relationship.

Couples often find themselves stuck in a pattern and unable to get to the root of the problem on their own. Throughout the time spent with your therapist, you’ll discover new ways to relate to each other by gaining new insight into each other’s perspectives.

Are You Ready to Start Your Healing Journey?

Remember, no matter where you’re at right now, you can regain or strengthen the connection with your partner. A trusting, supportive relationship is possible when two people commit to doing whatever it takes to make it work. That’s exactly what we’re here to help you with.

If you’d like to find out more, schedule an appointment or give us a call at (847) 438-4222 today.