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Play Therapist in Wheaton

Are you a parent looking for a play therapist in Wheaton, Il for your child? 

Here at Cherry Hill Counseling, we provide various play therapy treatment plans and work with parents and children to help families thrive. Our strategies are tailored to each child’s specific needs, strengths, and interests. We provide a safe and supportive space for children to express themselves completely. 

All our play therapy professionals are equipped with the necessary education, clinical licensure, specialized training, and supervision related to play therapy. 

Play Therapy for Children

Play therapy is a type of counseling treatment that focuses on children. 

Children may not be able to analyze their feelings or express problems to their parents or other grown-ups. In order for children to express their feelings, play therapy is essential. 

While it may appear like a game, play therapy is much more than that. A qualified therapist can use playtime to observe and get insight into a child’s difficulties. Following that, the play therapist can assist the child in exploring emotions and dealing with underlying trauma. 

A Child can learn new coping methods and how to redirect undesirable behaviors through play. Psychiatrists and psychologists are among the certified mental health practitioners who use play therapy. At Cherry Hill, our play therapist will lead a child over play therapy in a safe setting where they can express themselves freely. 

Play therapists use a variety of activities that children might like, such as painting, dancing, and playing board games. Parents, guardians, and other family members may be asked to take part by the play therapist at times.

Is Play Therapy Right For My Child?

Play therapy takes advantage of the fact that children utilize play to express themselves and navigate the environment. Play therapy is commonly used with children aged three to twelve. Play therapy’s primary purpose is to help children who have difficulty expressing themselves or their emotions, by allowing them to express themselves through play. 

Children who have trouble speaking and expressing themselves healthily and positively will benefit from play therapy. Our play therapist in Wheaton will help children who have been mistreated or who have suffered stressful or traumatic experiences, rediscover a feeling of normalcy in their lives. 

Play therapy is often very beneficial for children with various diseases that limit their social and emotional expressions. A child with behavioral issues or learning difficulties could be among them. 

Play therapy is also beneficial for children coping with the following conditions: 

  • ADHD
  • Autism 
  • Depression
  • Anxiety 
  • (PTSD) Post-traumatic stress disorder– As a result of trauma, both physical and emotional Abuse 

Can Play Therapy Really Work For My Child?

Parents who are often concerned don’t realize the benefits from play therapy their children get. Whether you’ve noticed it or not, children prefer to communicate over play. 

When a child violently plays with toys, it’s easy to dismiss them as hostile. But, they may actually be reflecting on a violent domestic scenario they’ve witnessed. Children who have difficulty expressing themselves benefit from play therapy because it allows them to express themselves through play activities. 

Children benefit from play therapy in the following ways: 

  • Children become more accountable for their actions and establish more effective approaches. 
  • In contrast to other forms of psychotherapy, play therapy forms a space where children can feel safe being themselves.
  • A child who refuses to talk might express themselves through drawing or painting. 
  • Problem-solve in novel and inventive ways. 
  • Develop self-acceptance and respect for others. 
  • Learn to feel and express their emotions. 
  • Develop empathy and respect for other people’s views and feelings. 
  • With the help of your family, your child can learn new social skills. 
  • Develop self-efficacy and, as a result, develop a greater sense of confidence in their talents. 

Play Therapist in Wheaton

Please know that your child is not alone. Our play therapist in Wheaton is here to help your child learn through play and express their emotions. We’d love to work with your child and  provide a safe environment for them to express themselves while also encouraging 

  • exploration, 
  • creativity, 
  • and learning. 

Call us at (847) 438-4222 if you have any questions about our treatment services or make an appointment. We hope to hear from you soon!