Preparing for Your Visit

Where do I begin?

If you’ve decided to start therapy at Cherry Hill Counseling:

  1. Speak directly with a therapist or contact our office at (847) 438-4222 before scheduling online. A therapist’s contact information is available on their Staff page as well as listed in the dropdown menu below.
  2. Schedule an appointment with your therapist in the dropdown menu below. If your therapist uses an online scheduler, select “Set up an account.” Returning clients may click “Schedule an appointment.” Certain therapists only schedule by phone.
  3. Review our HIPAA Privacy Practices, and download our Intake Forms below. Paper versions are also available at the time of your first visit. 
    • Skip the Client Information page in the intake forms if you’ve already provided this information on your therapists online scheduler.
    • Supplemental forms may be emailed separately if necessary

    4. Bring your completed forms and your insurance card (if you plan to use your insurance benefits) to your first scheduled session.

View our HIPAA Privacy Practices Here
Download Our Intake Forms Here

What Can You Expect at Cherry Hill Counseling?

Whether your first experience with Cherry Hill Counseling is on the phone or in our office, we want to make a personal connection and continue to build on that connection during your time with us. We recognize that your situation may be stressful or deeply upsetting. We work to provide you with the support and guidance you need to to achieve your goals for therapy. You can expect to be treated with kindness, respect, and compassion while we’re working together to restore your best self.

When you’re within the four walls of our office, you can expect a warm and inviting atmosphere and a supportive one-on-one experience with your therapist. Refreshments are just an added bonus!

What can I expect when I call?

    • A warm greeting from the therapist on the other end
    • A few introductory questions to get a feel for your situation and needs
  • Basic guidance through any online paperwork or documentation needed

What can I expect when I visit?

    • A friendly greeting from your personal therapist
    • A private counseling space
    • An inviting atmosphere
    • Refreshments
  • Copies of any necessary paperwork that was unable to be completed online

What can I expect to gain from therapy?

    • Increased Independence
    • A solid understanding of yourself and your strengths
    • A renewed appreciation for your friends and family
  • A sense of community and acceptance

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