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Chicago Christian Counseling

If you are looking for Chicago Christian counseling, then you value finding a quality therapist with similar ideals and beliefs. At Cherry Hill Counseling, we staff therapists who will work hard to restore your relationships, heal your family, and/or make a difference in your life by fostering a sense of genuine support and healthy living. As a practice, we make it our mission to provide you with a broad range of experiences and qualifications to ensure you can find the support you’re looking for. Faith-based counseling is an additional layer of counseling that some of our counselors can provide.


We partner with many local Churches to care for their parishioners and church members. We receive referrals from a wide variety of Christian groups and denominations including Protestant mainline churches, Anglican, Evangelical and Catholic.


Our services can help if you or anyone in your family are challenged by one or more of the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Behavioral challenges
  • Parenting challenges
  • Communication issues
  • Separation and divorce
  • Family crisis
  • Recent Adoptions
  • School refusal
  • Self-harm
  • Mood swings
  • Bullying
  • Marriage preparation or premarital counseling
  • Excessive fighting
  • Disconnected relationship
  • Addiction
  • Anger management
  • Stress management
  • Weight loss
  • Drug abuse
  • Health crises


If you see a topic you are currently struggling with, then please reach out to our offices today. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we still encourage you to reach out as we offer evaluative services to provide an in-depth assessment of your mental and emotional state.


Through our evaluative services, we can test for the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Suicide risk
  • Projective testing
  • Personality type
  • Personality testing
  • Adaptive behavior
  • Autism screenings
  • Symptoms checklists


If counseling is the right next step for you, then please know we offer individual therapy for adults, family therapy, group therapy, therapy for children and adolescents, marital and counseling, premarital counseling, and health psychology services. Our knowledgeable and reputable counselors are trained to create a safe space for you to examine your thoughts, feelings, and challenges. They are dedicated to giving you and your family the care, support, and guidance you need. Our therapists emphasize holistic and health psychology while also utilizing their experience in working with a broad range of psychological challenges.


Before jumping into counseling services, you may be wondering if your challenges really do require the attention of a professional. One of the things we look for in an initial counseling session is a change in baseline functioning ( If you or any loved ones have noticed a change in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, then it may be the right time to speak with a professional. By talking through your challenges, you may be able to better understand yourself and, with guidance, make changes that improve your daily life and activities.


After an initial counseling session, you may then continue working with a counselor to best understand and identify your symptoms. Your counselor will likely want to look for any common triggers or factors that are contributing to your symptoms or daily challenges. Once you and your counselor have identified any triggers, your therapist will then work with you to provide a proper course of treatment. Often, this course of treatment may include learning and adopting effective ways to manage symptoms.


If you want to know more about whether or not our Chicago Christian counseling services are for you, please give us a call at (847)-438-4222 or take a look at a few frequently asked questions below.


What is individual therapy for adults?


If you are challenged by the symptoms of anxiety or tired of trying to make things better on your own, then individual therapy may be a good fit for you. At Cherry Hill counseling, we believe that you don’t have to walk through life alone. Our counselors are trained to teach you skills to live without unwanted distress by working with you one on one. Our services can help you to discover your values and feel a clearer sense of purpose in your life.


What is family therapy?


Our family therapy services can help open the lines of communication between family members in all kinds of different situations.


What is group therapy?


Group therapy is similar to individual therapy, however it is delivered in a group format. We know that it can be challenging to face your fears and feel the entire range of your emotions. That’s why we offer group therapy at both our Lake Zurich and Vernon Hills offices. If you feel as though there is no one who can understand your suffering or challenges, than group therapy might be right for you.


Group counseling sessions are provided in the following topic areas:

  • Anger management group therapy
  • Women’s issues
  • Men’s issues
  • Social skill development and management
  • Adoptive parent training and support


Do you offer therapy for children and adolescents?


Yes! Our experienced counselors provide therapy for the following:

  • Acting out
  • School refusal
  • Divorce and custody trauma
  • Self harm
  • Experimentation with drugs or alcohol
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Adoption or guardianship changes
  • Trouble making or keeping friends
  • Bullying
  • Legal issues
  • Academic achievement
  • Suicide threats
  • Past or current abuse


What is marital and premarital therapy?


Our Chicago based Christian counselors can help you and your spouse deepen or restore your marital bonds before or after your wedding ceremony.

If you think that any of our Chicago Christian counseling services might be right for you, then you can expect to find a confidential place to talk at Cherry Hill counseling. We take your privacy seriously and will provide you with a counselor ready and able to listen. Please call us today at (847)-438-4222.