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Child Counseling in Wheaton

Why Counseling Can Help Your Child

Child counseling in Wheaton is therapy for children and teens who are struggling to manage their emotions, have a diagnosed mental illness, or are dealing with a lot of stress in their lives.

As a parent, it’s heartbreaking to see your child struggle, especially if you don’t feel like you know how to help them better manage their emotions or handle the stress in their lives. The stress management tips and tricks that work for adults aren’t always effective for kids and teens.

Regular children’s therapy sessions give your child the tools they need to change their thought patterns and behavior so that they’re better able to cope with tough issues and stressful environments.

What is Child Counseling?

The goal of child counseling is to help kids connect their emotions to their behaviors and encourage stronger communication and coping skills.

A trained professional conducts child counseling in Wheaton. These child counselors have education and experience that helps them better understand the mind and thought process of a child. By understanding how a child’s mind works, they can help the child build healthy habits and thought processes.

Child therapy may be used on its own to change behaviors and responses to certain emotions, or it can be used in conjunction with prescription medication. Counseling sessions for young children often include their parents, while therapy for teens may or may not include parents (depending on the teen’s specific preferences).

What Children Can Benefit from Child Counseling?

It’s a misconception that only children with a diagnosed mental illness or condition can benefit from child counseling in Wheaton. The reality is that any child who feels like they’re struggling to process and respond to their emotions can benefit from working with a child therapist.

There are a few situations when working with a child counselor is especially helpful:

  •         When a child is experiencing bullying or other social problems
  •         When a child is diagnosed with a physical or mental illness
  •         When a loved one dies or leaves the child’s life (this includes family pets)
  •         Changes to the child’s household (such as divorce, separation, or a move)
  •         When a child consistently struggles to maintain relationships with friends and family
  •         When a child is a victim of abuse

Any time a child feels like they’re facing a problem or situation that they don’t know how to cope with, a child counselor can help give them the helpful tools they need to process the situation and their emotions so that they can act appropriately.

What can you expect: What to Expect During a Child Counseling Session

During children’s therapy in Wheaton, your child’s therapist will work to build a trusting relationship with your child so that they’ll feel comfortable communicating during their sessions.

This likely won’t occur solely through conversation and talk therapy, especially for younger children; instead, it’s common for child counseling in Wheaton to incorporate play and drawing, as these are activities that typically help children feel safe and secure. These activities may also serve as an outlet for children to express their thoughts and emotions.

Your child’s therapist will suggest exercises and skills for your child to practice that will help them cope with their emotions and lower their stress levels. Children may practice their new skills during their sessions.

Some child therapy sessions are joint sessions that involve the parents so that the parents learn how they can best support their child, while others only involve the child. Child counseling in Wheaton can consist of both types of sessions, depending on the needs and preferences of the child and family.

Next Steps/CTA: How to Schedule Child Counseling in Wheaton

If you feel your child could benefit from child counseling in Wheaton, call us at 847-438-4222 to make an appointment or visit our website to learn more about our therapy options. We also offer telehealth therapy to ensure our patients can receive counseling when they’re ill, in quarantine, or unable to leave their home.