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Marriage Counseling in Wheaton

Cherry Hill Counseling provides Marriage Counseling in Wheaton. If you’re looking for a solution to marriage issues you may feel like your marriage, everything you treasure, a relationship that once seemed so certain and well-founded… it’s all on edge. You may feel disconnected and can no longer care enough to fight, disagree or argue with your partner. Everything you knew and cherished about your partner, put in doubt… but you don’t want to just sit back and watch helplessly as your conflict-ridden marriage teeters even closer towards divorce? 

If you are serious about saving your marriage and getting your life back, speaking to a marriage counselor is a great way to gain clarity so you can start turning things back around.

What Is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling or “couples therapy” is a short type of psychotherapy that seeks to identify, understand and resolve interpersonal problems and conflicts between married couples or established partners. Usually, within six sessions, a qualified and accredited marriage counselor will seek to help settle issues you cannot resolve on your own. In addition, the therapist tries to restore relationships that may now be lying precariously in the balance and open the couples’ eyes to the love that may still be simmering beneath.

More than that, marriage counselors help partners understand, accept and respect the ideas, values, opinions, cultures, and personal history of their significant other. As a result, the couple develops better understanding, tolerance, communication skills, and conflict resolution skills.

Relationship experts cite the following reasons as causes of escalating conflicts among couples:

  • Distress and dissatisfaction
  • Poor communication
  • Infidelity
  • Inability to strike a balance between work and family life
  • Spousal isolation
  • Abuse
  • PTSD
  • Power struggles
  • Unmet or unrealistic expectations
  • Differences over finances
  • Drug and substance abuse


Who Needs Marriage Counseling?

There has been a surge in marriage conflicts and divorces if reports by marriage experts, family lawyers, and clergy are anything to go by. The wave has been occasioned by backgrounds of divorced parents, early marriages, and low incomes, among others. With a national divorce rate of about 39% in the USA, more than a third of couples in Wheaton require support from Wheaton counseling services.

If you and your better half are feeling contempt, indifference, anger, or resentment for one another, it might be time to seek help. And as well-meaning as your problem-solving techniques may be, they may push your spouse even further away, or worse off, into the arms of another person.

So, whether you have been married for two decades or two years, it’s always wise to seek the help of the b . As soon the negative patterns begin to play out, such as never-ending spirals of arguments, doubts, lies, or resentment, we recommend seeking the intervention of a relationship expert. Do not let resentment build.

In some cases, a couple that has made up their mind to separate may pursue marriage therapy to help them end the relationship amicably and respectfully.

How Do I Benefit From Marriage Counseling?

Signing up for marriage therapy isn’t much of a sign of a doomed relationship as it indicates a willingness to save, improve and strengthen the marriage. Couples counseling Wheaton comes with many draws to couples, including but not limited to:

  • Partners become more aware of the underlying patterns in dysfunctional relationships
  • Partners can identify, acknowledge and change the behaviors that might be harming the marriage.
  • Develops more affection. The couple becomes more supportive of each other.
  • Helps in dealing with unpleasant emotions or conflicting points of view without necessarily disagreeing.
  • The couple examines communication patterns, improves their communication skills, and comes up with more beneficial ways of interaction.
  • Helps the married duo in learning to be more vulnerable and speak more openly about opinions, thoughts, and emotions.
  • Increases empathy and mutual understanding among the couple and reduces the blaming language.
  • The couple develops collaborative problem solving and conflict resolution skills. This way, they can easily resolve future conflicts as they happen.
  • The couple can understand themselves better and set future goals and priorities together in alignment with the ideals and preferences of each party.

How To Go About It

If you or your partner think it is time to see a marriage counselor, it’s probably the time. But you don’t just subscribe to the first therapist you come across, do you? Many therapists provide Marriage Counseling in Wheaton.

How to go about finding the best Marriage Counseling in Wheaton:

  • First, search locally for a therapist with specialized training in marriage counseling. For example, you can run a quick Google search with the words ‘Wheaton Marriage Counseling. On top of that, ask around for recommendations from trusted friends or medical professionals.
  • Once you’ve collected their contact information, call or email the potential therapists to interview and establish whether they are the best fit.
    • Ask if they are licensed and can produce a valid legally-obtained license if the need arises. Moreover, please find out about their areas of expertise and inquire about their experience. Not to forget to ask about their charge, how long the therapy takes, and how they communicate.
    •  Before subscribing to a marriage therapist, you need to ask what information they will require and how they can guarantee the safety and privacy of the information you share.
  •  Identify your best options based on shared values, strategy, and reputation.
    • Reach out and consult with the therapist you choose to see if you are a good candidate for therapy. If you are, you can schedule your first meeting.
  • Be sure to address individual issues first since some cases require individual treatment to address, such as certain mental health issues and substance use disorder. Therefore, do your homework, participate actively and try to put into action all the insights and techniques you’ll learn.

Next Steps

Marriage counseling is a sure way of reconnecting with your spouse, healing old wounds, growing and thriving together. So, as soon as you begin feeling isolated, lonely, distanced, or disconnected from your spouse, do not hesitate to reach out to a dependable couples counseling Wheaton therapist. The marriage therapist will help you face the issues and put back what the hurdles of life have taken from your marriage. 

Take the first step and book a call with our client intake coordinator who can answer your questions and get you set up with one of our therapists to start working toward a solution and a healthier relationship.