Divorce Counseling

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Divorce Counseling

Considering divorce is a serious thing. Divorce counseling can help you navigate how to move forward from a troubled marriage. We understand that divorce is a traumatic experience. While it is not the desired outcome in any way, it is the accepted solution for unbearable conflicts in marital life. The process of divorce counseling helps to cope with the emotional turmoil related to considering a divorce.

The idea of marriage counseling was generated in the era of the Great Depression which resulted in a high rate of divorces. In 1930, The American Institute of Family Relations was established in Los Angeles by Paul Popenoe. It is often termed as the best-known marriage counseling center of that period.

Since then, divorce counseling has come a long way. It has helped thousands of couples to move through the agonizing phase of divorce in the best possible manner.

What is Divorce Counseling?

Throughout the process of divorce, you will have to deal with various legal, financial, and emotional aspects. While managing the emotional struggles, you will also have to manage issues like property distribution and child custody.

Many people go through various mental stages during the entire process. These are denial, anger, negotiating, depression and acceptance. In the end, there can be a sense of numbness and confusion.

The role of a divorce counselor is to help you progress through this painful process while staying positive and healthy. Besides, you can share the details of the divorce with the counselor, something that you might not feel comfortable sharing with your family members. The process also helps you to resume a fulfilling post-divorce life through support and trusted advice.

Beyond that, the counselor can help in understanding why the marriage failed. This will help you to not repeat the same mistakes in the future. In case there are any residual emotions towards your ex, you can manage them in a healthy and productive way through counseling.

Divorce counseling can be of two types:

  • Pre-divorce counseling is for couples who are planning to get divorced. The counselor can help you decide whether you really need a divorce and if the marriage can be saved. In case the divorce has been finalized the counseling can help both partners to communicate effectively and behave civilly. This also helps your children to experience divorce as a respectful and healthy process.
  • Post-divorce counseling is for former couples that helps the partners to get over the feelings and emotions arising from the divorce. As “life after divorce” can be heavy and depressing, the counselors help you to accept reality and regain your self-confidence. The focus of the process is to help the divorced partners rediscover their identity and move into a new life.


Who Is Divorce Counseling For?

Any individual or former couple who is going through a divorce can take support from marriage counseling. If you are worried about the impact of divorce on your kids, marriage counseling can be helpful. It will also help anyone having specific questions or doubts about the process of divorce.

What Can You Expect From Divorce Counseling?

Divorce counseling is a therapeutic process that helps you to move forward from the pain and humiliation of a divorce. Some of the other important issues handled during a counseling session are mentioned below.


Coping skills

The immediate after-effect of a divorce can be the surge of raw emotions. The counseling can help with emotional healing while preserving your physical and mental health. It also helps in getting rid of any residual grief and guilt after the divorce.

Support Offering

The divorce counselor can be a partner with whom you can discuss your emotions without feeling lonely and confused. An outside perspective will also help you to learn about what went wrong and build the foundations for a new chapter in your life.

Relationship Coaching

Many individuals have doubts about their ability to maintain healthy relationships. The counselors help you to move on and form another relationship by having a clearer understanding of relationship dynamics. Since you cannot move forward with open wounds, counseling helps with the healing process.

Helping Children to Cope

While it is considered that divorce can only have a negative impact on children, that may not always be true. Divorce counseling for families through the right counselor can help you better understand the impact of the divorce on the children in the family. The process will also suggest the steps needed to minimize any negative effects.

Next Steps To Find Divorce Counseling

If you feel that the procedure of divorce has become too overwhelming for you to handle alone, seeking help through divorce counseling is the best choice. Make sure to choose a counselor who has in-depth experience and makes you feel comfortable. You can also find some online divorce counseling support if you prefer a more private approach.