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Counselors For Kids in Wheaton


Our counselors for kids in Wheaton, Illinois work with children and adolescents to develop social skills and deal with negative emotions. There is a reason that many children show abnormal behavior that is not age-appropriate. In such scenarios, child counseling is an extremely effective step that can help children to move forward and address the challenges they face.

Parents looking for counselors for kids in Wheaton, will find Cherry Hill Counseling the best spot for getting genuine support.

What Is It?

Like adults, anxiety, stress, and depression are some common issues that children face in their daily life. The main purpose of children’s therapy is to help them to overcome these issues.

However, for parents, it is not easy to decide if it is the right time to seek help for their child. Many parents are not sure if counseling is the right step to take at any given moment.

While there are no specific indicators to help parents make the right decision, some pointers can help. In some cases, some of these symptoms may appear together.

  • If your child is dealing with any stressful situation like health issues, divorce, a school or a city change, or bullying, therapy can help.
  • If the child is dealing with emotional trauma related to death, accidents, or abuse.
  • In case the problems seem to get worse with time
  • If the child gets angry frequently and shows destructive behavior. Other behavioral patterns can include arguing or showing defiance over the smallest issues.
  • When the child shows major shifts in behavior or personality. For example, dropping out of daily activities like going to school.
  • The child seems extremely anxious or nervous and is unable to complete or engage in daily tasks.

Who Is It For?

Generally, counseling is suitable for all children starting from the age of 7 to 9. However, the exact requirement of every child might vary. In most cases, children’s therapy is not conducted through one-on-one sessions. One or both of the parents may need to be present too.

With an experienced team of counselors for kids in Wheaton, Cherry Hill Counseling offers various forms of child counseling. .

Behavioral Problems

These problems can be related to frequent temper tantrums to more serious issues related to drug or alcohol abuse. Other signs may include conduct disorders and refusing to obey the rules of society. The counseling covers the necessary steps required to identify the problem and eliminate it.

Self-Esteem Counseling

Self-esteem is directly related to self-worth and can result in the formation of a poor self-image in a child. It can lead to other mental issues as well. A counselor offers positive support to such a child and encourages them to identify their strengths and talents.

ADD/ADHD Counseling

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be a serious problem and hinder a child’s progress in school and in other areas of social interaction. Specially designed sessions in behavior therapy help these children to improve their performance. In addition, parents are also trained to help them manage the child’s behavior more effectively.

What Can You Expect?

A child therapist near Wheaton can help your child deal with their emotions and get back to normal life by overcoming the negative issues. The process also helps parents to understand how they can support the child in the best possible manner during this phase.

A counselor will not only evaluate the child’s behavior but will also look at their background. This will help in identifying the key stressors or events responsible for the behavioral change.

Most worried parents would prefer to know how long the treatment will last or the timeframe for a positive outcome. In reality, it is best to keep realistic expectations as the results of the treatment depend on multiple factors. The counselor will also help the parents to identify the goals of a specific treatment.

The rate of progress depends on the complexity of the problem and how the child is responding to it. The response to the treatment varies from one child to another. Even so, an involved and supportive family plays an important role in creating positive outcomes.

Next steps and Call to Action

Choosing the right counselor is necessary to ensure the best possible treatment for your child.

If you are looking for the best counselors for kids in Wheaton, we provide a safe space to ensure complete support and care for the entire family. Our comprehensive therapeutic approach leads to complete well-being and healing for your child.

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