The best counseling near Waukegan

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The best counseling near Waukegan

The best counseling near Waukegan.

Are you looking for the best counseling near Waukegan? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! After all, the best counseling comes from counselors who are trained and willing to help alleviate your daily symptoms and provide a course of treatment that will greatly improve your quality of life. If you can’t find relief from your challenges, if you feel distressed or overwhelmed, or if you are are exhausted from trying to meet the various expectations in life, then it is important to know you do not have to continue alone. At Cherry Hill Counseling, we are ready and able to help you find treatment that will improve your day-to-day life.

If this is your first experience with counseling, or your first time considering the counselors at Cherry Hill Counseling, then it’s important to start by understanding the benefits of counseling. Counseling can help you overcome challenges and live without unwanted distress. Counseling is often discussed when talking about anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and substance abuse, but counseling can also help if you are struggling with grief, panic attacks, anger, communication, career difficulties, bullying, and so much more. Here are a few frequently asked questions that may help to better convey the benefits of working with a counselor.

What is individual counseling for adults?

If you are tired of trying to make things better on your own, then individual therapy may be a good fit for you. At Cherry Hill Counseling, we believe that you don’t have to walk through life alone. Our counselors are trained to teach you skills to live without unwanted distress by working with you one-on-one. Our services can help you to discover your values and feel a clearer sense of purpose in life.

After an initial individual counseling session, you may then continue working with a counselor to best understand and identify your symptoms. Your counselor will likely want to look for common triggers or factors that are contributing to your daily challenges. Once you and your counselor have identified any triggers, your therapist will then work with you to provide a proper course of treatment. Often, this course of treatment may include learning and adopting effective ways to manage symptoms.

Individual counseling for adults is often helpful for those struggling with depression, anxiety, ADHD, anger, stress, weight loss, a health crisis, panic attacks, substance abuse, grief, loss, eating disorders, career difficulties, questions in faith, and more.

What is family counseling?

Family counseling services are designed to help open the lines of communication between family members. Family counseling is great for families struggling with parenting challenges, communication issues, separation or divorce, adoption, reunification with a child, blending families, caring for a parent, and more. Family counseling often works to help build effective communication between family members. This communication then helps to alleviate many stressful challenges within the family or between family members.

What is group counseling?

Group counseling is similar to individual counseling, however it is delivered in a group format. At Cherry Hill Counseling, we know that it can be challenging to face your fears and feel the entire range of your emotions. That’s why we offer group therapy at both our Lake Zurich and Vernon Hills offices. If you feel as though no one can understand your suffering or challenges, then group counseling might be right for you.

Group counseling sessions are provided in the following topic areas:

  • Anger management group therapy
  • Women’s issues
  • Men’s issues
  • Social skill development and management
  • Adoptive parent training and support

Does counseling for children and adolescents exist?

Yes! The best counseling near Waukegan comes from counselors who are trained and able to work with individuals of various ages. At Cherry Hill Counseling, we offer counseling services for children who are acting out, refusing school, in the middle of divorce or custody trauma, considering self harm, experimenting with drugs or alcohol, having extreme mood swings, and more.

What is marital and premarital counseling?

Marital and premarital counseling can help you and your partner deepen or restore your marital bonds before or after your wedding ceremony.

When you are ready to know whether or not counseling is the right fit for you, please give our counselors a call at (847)438-4222. Our staff is dedicated to giving you and your family the care, support, and guidance you need. Because of our broad range of experiences and qualifications, we can offer some of the best counseling near Waukegan. We look forward to working with you!