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Teletherapy – We Are Here

Life has taken an abrupt shift for all of us in the rapidly unfolding COVID-19 pandemic. While you are most certainly not alone, this experience can feel very isolating. The fear and uncertainty about what may lie ahead in the coming weeks and months may feel overwhelming for some, possibly exacerbating already existing struggles with depression or anxiety. Perhaps stressors in marriage or family relationships are causing underlying problems to surface anew. Or perhaps the sheer volume of adjustment and adaptation to a new rhythm and pattern of family life is feeling very, very hard. You are not alone and help is available.

We’d Love to Help

At Cherry Hill we have been working hard to respond to the rapidly changing needs of the COVID-19 crisis. We have shifted our therapy services to teletherapy (video platform), which we are now able to make available to both existing and new clients. We are truly grateful to be able to provide supportive counseling care and resources to our community through the teletherapy platform. Many/most insurance plans have expanded coverage to reimburse for teletherapy in response to this situation. Many of our clinicians are accepting new clients at this time. If you have an interest in acquiring counseling services to assist you in navigating life through this season, we would love to help you.

About Teletherapy

Teletherapy via video platforms has been backed by research as an effective form of therapy. The platform we use at Cherry Hill Counseling is a Zoom service for healthcare providers and is HIPAA compliant for your security and confidentiality. Many clients report that they are pleasantly surprised at how warm and personal teletherapy feels.  At this time, we are only offering teletherapy services to those in our local and neighboring communities in order to maintain the ability to resume face-to-face in office visits as soon as the situation allows for that. 

If you would like to connect with a therapist to discuss your situation and schedule a first visit, please call Kelly DeHaan, our Client Care Coordinator, at 847-438-4222.

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