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Let’s do this. I enjoy speaking, teaching, and interacting with groups. In my 32 years of clinical practice, and 20 years of graduate and undergraduate teaching have honed my speaking and teaching. I have spoken in a variety of settings, academic, professional conferences, religious organizations/churches, 12-step support groups, and casual settings. Over the years my speaking has addressed a number of mental and relational topics, and currently focuses on marriage and family connections (bonds), wellness, and restoration, as well as adult and adolescent anxiety and depression. Further, I risk admitting my curiosity and interest in narcissism, specifically the study of narcissism and the adverse impact narcissism has upon intimate relationships. I call these damaged relationships, the NDR (Narcissistically Damaged Relationship). I welcome the invitation to speak on any of the following topics.


Intimate/Marital relationships
Anxiety & Depression
The Narcissistically Damaged Relationship