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Keith Bjorge, Psy.D.

Host Dr. Bjorge, a senior therapist at Cherry Hill Counseling, covers a range of topics from intimate relationships to every day issues everyone struggles with. Each episode is only a couple of minutes long, and has great insight into how to re-think the world around you.

Episode 5

Shame: 3 Responses and the Antidote

Shame is defined as "Something is flawed, wrong, or broken about me that would cause you to reject me if you knew." People generally have 3 responses to shame: Hide. Project idealized version of self. Blame others. The antidote to shame is empathy. Be known...

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Episode 4

Ways to Be Your Partner’s Friend

Dr. Keith Bjorge teaches viewers 3 techniques, drawn from John Gottman, to help build your friendship with your partner: Love Maps, Fondness and Admiration Turning Toward

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Episode 3

Baader-Meinhoff Effect Among Mental Health Professionals

Dr. Keith Bjorge shares an informative piece, cautioning MH professionals about the ways that the Baader-Meinhoff Effect can influence professional work.

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Episode 2

Narcissism Identifiers

Dr. Keith Bjorge provides an informative piece on key identifiers of a narcissist. He explains the "4 E's" that are typically present in a chronic and pervasive way: Enhancement Exploitation Entitled Empathy (lack of)

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Episode 1

Change and Repair Conflict with Your Partner

Drawing from John Gottman and Sue Johnson, Dr. Keith Bjorge shares 3 helpful suggestions for how to change, and ultimately repair, the way you fight with your intimate partner.

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