Health Psychology

Health Crisis? We can help.


Stress Management and relaxation training

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Supportive coaching and encouragement

Goal setting, progress records, small progressive steps, compliance, follow through with doctor’s orders

Weight loss and diet change education and training

Smoking cessation

Intervention for alcohol and drug abuse

Coping skills for chronic health problems

Sleep psychology education, interventions for healthy sleep habits

Sudden losses, counseling for death and dying issues

Coping with health crises for self and/or loved ones: Cancer, Heart Disease, Elder Care & Counseling

What To Expect From Health Counseling:


  1. Support to face challenging diagnoses, problems and scares
  2. Help to face procrastination issues around compliance with good health habits
  3. Breaking unhealthy addictions in areas like eating, alcohol and exercise
  4. Help with following doctors’ orders and prescriptions.
  5. A team approach with other relevant professionals—medical doctors, nutritionists, trainers, coaches, etc.

What You Can Expect In Your Session

  1. A confidential place to talk—we take privacy seriously!
  2. Someone who will truly listen
  3. A skillful therapist who can recognize problems and identify solutions
  4. Relief from both the psychological symptoms you recognize and the ones you may not
  5. Help to discover your own values and a clearer sense of purpose in your life.