TEEN SOAR – Supporting and Overcoming Addiction for Recovery

Join us for a transformative experience through the use of psychoeducation, processing, professional guidance, and communal support, laying the pathway from addiction to recovery for those in their Freshman - Senior Year (14-18 yrs old).

Date: Thursdays, 6-7:30 PM, start date is dependent on minimum enrollment.

Location: Hybrid (In-person at our Vernon Hills location or online via Zoom)

Cost: $60 per session, with a sliding scale available. Monthly total is collected at the start of each month to secure your spot.

Contact: Josh Flanagan or Luke Bruschuk, Josh Flanagan, MA, LPC (jflanagan@cherryhillcounseling.com or 815-367-6552) Luke Bruschuk, Intern (luke@cherryhillcounseling.com or 847-906-0026)

TEEN SOAR aims to offer clinical group support for individuals battling all types of active addiction, as well as for those in recovery.

Group objectives:

  • Helping members define and achieve their recovery goals
  • Providing solid, clinically-proven psychoeducation relevant to addiction and recovery
  • Facilitating weekly engagement in processing sessions for group members.

You may also register online through this form: