Family Counseling Center

Cherry Hill Counseling is your family counseling center in Lake Zurich

Since 1976, Cherry Hill Counseling has served the Lake Zurich community as a trusted family counseling center. If your family is embroiled in conflict or in need of an impartial mediator, look no further than Cherry Hill Counseling.

At Cherry Hill Counseling, our knowledgeable therapists have created a family counseling center with a foundation of expertise, honesty, and trust. Your family can expect to find a safe space to communicate with one another as well as the opportunity to process family conflicts with an impartial third party. Our therapists are trained to take a 360-degree look at the situation at hand in order to define problems and identify solutions for your family. We’ll also work as a team for larger families and challenging situations to give multiple therapeutic perspectives.

When looking for a family counseling center, it is important to note both the conflicts and potential underlying causes of conflict within your family’s particular situation. At Cherry Hill Counseling, we can help with:

  • Parenting challenges
  • Communication problems
  • Separation and divorce
  • Reunification with a child
  • Family crises
  • Blending families
  • Caring for parents or extended family
  • Recent adoption

If your problem does not fall within one of these categories, not to worry. You can rest assured that as a trusted family counseling center, Cherry Hill Counseling will stop at nothing to tackle the issue your family faces and manage it appropriately in order to find resolution.

At Cherry Hill Counseling, we’re ready to meet you as soon as you’re ready to take a step in the direction of peace for your family. Call our family counseling center today at (847) 232-0999 to schedule an appointment.