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Announcing New Grayslake Office Location

Cherry Hill Counseling is excited to announce that we have added a new office location in Grayslake, IL, to serve clients across Lake County and southern Wisconsin. The Grayslake office is now open for both in-person and teletherapy services.

Cherry Hill Counseling was established in the Lake Zurich area in 1976 by our founder, Dr. Clark Barshinger. Over 4 decades our practice has grown and has become a trusted provider of mental health services to individuals, couples, and families across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. We now have 8 office locations, including our new office in Grayslake.

The Grayslake location is centrally located for accessibility from all directions. It is situated across the street from the College of Lake County on East Washington St. and, therefore, is accessible by the PACE public transportation system.

Our compassionate team of therapists at the Grayslake location is equipped to serve a wide range of clients from adolescents through seniors, including couples and families. Some specialty treatment areas include perinatal/postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, marital and family relationships, issues related to aging (Medicare provider available), and support for all types of life transitions.

Introducing our Grayslake Team:

Michelle Schaefer, MA, LCPC, PMH-C

Michelle specializes in perinatal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders as well as family relationship health, including marriage and parenting. Michelle views healthy and supportive relationships as central to well-being and so her approach to therapy is to view clients through the lens of connection/attachment and the relational context of their lives.


Shonda Gagliano, MSW, LCSW

Shonda has a passion for supporting older adults and their caregivers through the sometimes challenging adjustments and changes that come with the aging process. She has experience helping clients and family members in coping with early dementia, diminished physical functionality, chronic pain/illness, and death and dying processes. Shonda works with clients across the entire adult age range, partnering with all clients to work collaboratively towards the client’s goals for change.

Justin Feinberg, MA

Justin works with a variety of clients and works with relationships  and individuals from an attachment perspective. Justin believes that understanding yourself  and your emotions as well as the patterns you have with others can lead to a more satisfying life. Justin also loves to work with couples and families to improve communication and harmony. Justin enjoys walking with others and helping them reach their goals and become the version of themselves they were meant to be.


Jennifer Flanagan, MA

Jennifer enjoys working with those who are going through life transitions, experiencing the challenges of changing or adding life roles, and those needing support to make the life changes needed for growth and healing. Jennifer believes that taking a look at the ways we think, believe, and act can help us find a new sense of hope and purpose.


Rebecca Wiegman, MA

Rebecca seeks to help all clients to access their innate strength and resilience through therapy. She uses a holistic approach to her work with clients, enabling them to move beyond struggles and towards growth and flourishing  in their lives. Rebecca has a heart for helping couples and families heal and restore stressed or broken relationships. She also has experience working with clients and families impacted by substance abuse.


Appointments can be scheduled directly with a therapist by connecting through their contact form on their website page or calling their Cherry Hill extension. If you would like assistance connecting with a therapist, our Client Care Coordinator, Kelly DeHaan, would love to help you find the right match. You can reach Kelly at our main Cherry Hill phone number, 847-438-4222.


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Michelle Schaefer, MA, LCPC, PMHC

Michelle Schaefer, LCPC, has experience working with adults, couples, teens, and families. Michelle has an advanced certification in Perinatal Mental Health and specialized training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for individuals, couples, and families. Michelle strives to create a secure client-therapist alliance in order to support people as they navigate life challenges and heal relationships.

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